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Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new and improved website

The Multi-Award winning Genuine Southport Potted Shrimp in Butter only from Southport Seafoods and trusted suppliers.

Christian Peet was just 5 years old when he first went shrimping off the Southport coast and has been doing so ever since. In 1992 we opened our company Southport Seafoods and since that date we have provided the finest quality potted shrimps which are available throughout the U.K.

We are a family of fishermen with vast experience of the Sefton and Lancashire waters, we pride ourselves in our ability to source the best quality locally caught shrimp.

We still use traditional methods to peel our shrimps 'by hand', and although this is a slow process,
these methods ensure a top quality product.
Most of the brown shrimps are caught on the North West coast are now peeled by machines that use water for lubrication purposes.

This method washes away much of the distinctive taste of the shrimp which is why hand peeling is used by Southport Seafoods, ensuring that this doesn't happen.
We supply Potted Shrimps to many restaurants and hotels throughout the UK including:
Please contact us for information. 


Posted By: Christian
Postted on: Monday 21st September 2015
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