About Southport Seafoods

Southport seafoods has been a family run business since 1991.

Christian Peet started visiting the beach here at southport, catching brown shrimps with his father, when he was just five years old. In 1992 christian set up Southport Seafoods and started to produce the great british classic, 'Potted Shrimps in Butter'.

Since the beginning Christian has produced potted shrimps for the wholesale market throughout the United Kingdom. Priding himself on quality Christian now supplies his potted shrimps to a string of top quality restaurants all over the northwest of England and after winning multiple awards for his tasty crustaceans, has earnt him the title of local food hero by many of his customers.

Some of these include: The Freemasons of Wiswell Lancashire, 60 Hope Street Liverpool, The Fishermans Rest Southport, Ramada Hotel Southport and the Cadogan Hotel Knightsbridge London.

We also feel very proud to have supplied the biggest tennis event in the world, last years Wimbledon 2015.

"These wonderful sweet, salty, spicey, buttery crustaceans taste absolutely divine"

Gregg wallace



'Southport shrimper gets seal of approval from Prince of Wales'

Christian Peet, of Southport Seafoods, was taken aback when Prince Charles praised the brown potted shrimp his company provided at a recent dinner



How we prepare and process our shrimps



Shrimp fishing from Southport beaches dates back to to the 18th century and horse and carts were used to harvest the catch. The horse and carts are now long gone and tractors and amphibious vehicles are used to catch the shrimps. We are a family of fishermen with vast experience of the Sefton and Lancashire waters, we pride ourselves in our ability to source the best quality locally caught shrimp.


We still use traditional methods to peel our shrimps 'by hand', and although this is a slow process, these methods ensure a top quality product. Most of the brown shrimps are caught on the North West coast are now peeled by machines that use water for lubrication purposes. This method washes away much of the distinctive taste of the shrimp which is why hand peeling is used by Southport Seafoods, ensuring that this doesn't happen.


After the shrimps have been hand peeled it is time for the next stage, 'Potting'. We pre-cook the shrimps in butter together with a special blend of spices. These include freshly ground mace, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, salt and lemon juice.

When the butter has melted and the spices added to the shrimp are then stirred into the spicy mixture and cooked for 20 minutes until pasteurised. They are then spread out to cool prior to potting. When cooled they are weighed into individual pots and finally sealed with best butter. The pots are then batched marked to ensure traceability.

Our potted shrimps are sampled on a regular basis and manufactured to the highest standard possible in order to comply with Environmental Health and E.C. Legislation for food hygiene.